Hall of Fame - Athletes
Name Sport(s) Played at BSU
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Lora (Weiers) Angileno Women's Basketball 1983-88
John Backes Football/Track and Field 1970-74
Ron Borneton Men's Swimming and Diving 1976-80
Bob Eckert Wrestling 1975-79
Bruce Ecklund Football 1980-83
Malachy McCarthy Swimming 1977-81
Jim Scanlan Men's Ice Hockey 1978-82
Kim (Babula) Zerr Women's Basketball 1983-87
Gail (Hecimovich) Nucech Softball, Track and Field, Field Hockey, Women's Basketball 1967-69
Stephen Boss Swimming 1977-81
Jayne Dusich Cross Country/Track and Field 1989-91
Mary Gergen Volleyball 1986-89
Patti (Fitzgerald) Zwiers Track and Field 1987-90
Duane Sorenson Swimming 1973-77
Joan (Campbell) Anderson Women's Basketball 1982-86
Brian Carleton Men's Ice Hockey 1976-80
Laurie (Peterson) Gross Women's Basketball 1982-86
David Lee Men's Basketball 1984-88
Elizabeth Mulvihill Track and Field/Women's Basketball 1983-88
John Noga Baseball/Football 1980-83
Lee Patten Football/Baseball/Basketball/Track 1969-73
Linda (Kirchner) Pomeroy Swimming/Track 1968-72
John Wasilak Football/Swimming 1969-73
Don Niskanen Head Men's Golf Coach 1993-2010
Timothy Buckley Basketball 1984-86
Dale Baldwin Ice Hockey 1976-80
Billy Bryand Football 1981-85
Lori Hutchins Basketball, Track and Field, Swimming, Volleyball 1975-79
Peter Maus Baseball 1975-79
Jane Reimer-Morgan 1975-77
Al Wolden Footbal, Track and Field 1984-88
Rick Engh Wrestling 1967-70
Charlie Knott Football, Wrestling 1969-72
Frank Kopetka Basketball 1971-75
Jean Musgjerd Volleyball 1982-85
Joel Otto Ice Hockey 1980-84
John Kopari Football, Track and Field 1962-66
Kevin Kish Wrestling 1974-79
Jim Lawrence Football, Basketball, Baseball
Bruce "Buzz" Olson Ice Hockey 1965-69
Joe Rezac Football, Track and Field 1961-65, 1974
Kim Roysland Volleball 1976-80
Mike Roysland Basketball 1976-80
Steven "Pete" Saxe Wrestling 1969-73
Ken Christianson Basketball, Football 1946-50
Lori (Ehrhardt) Clark Swimming 1972-76
Scott Currie Ice Hockey 1975-79
Mike Gibbons Ice Hockey 1975-79
Jeanne (Larson) Glassmann Track and Field, Field Hockey 1972-1976
Rod Heisler Ice Hockey, Baseball 1975-1980
Pam (Gildersleeve) Porter Field Hockey, Softball 1981-1985
Sue (Almleaf) Samuelson Field hockey, Tennis, Cheerleading 1968-1972
Bill Wagner Basketball, Track and Field 1956-1960
Marc Hamren Swimming 1968-1972
Deb (Limond) Hegquist Gymnastics, Track and Field 1972-1976
Sherry Hill Volleyball, Track and Field, Basketball 1979-1983
Tom Holmes Track and Field, Cross Country 1967-1971
Gerald Nichols Football, Track and Field 1943-1947
Gary Ross Ice Hockey 1973-1975
Raymond Sauer Golf 1966-1970
Charlie Scanlon Ice Hockey 1971-1975
Malika Starr Field Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Track and Field 1971-1975
Carol Stomberg 1970-1974
Blane Comstock Ice Hockey 1967-1971
Mark Eagles Ice Hockey 1972-1976
Elizabeth Hughes Volleyball, Basketball 1976-1980
Anne Pavlik Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field 1970-74
Diane (Shofner) Pettis Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field 1972-76
Patricia Sartell Volleyball, Basketball 1974-78
Donald Schmeckpeper Football, Track and Field 1946-50
David Sjoblad Basketball 1960-64
Greg Beaumont Basketball 1969-73
John "Dan" Bergan Baseball 1964-1968
Laurie (Bottom) Kelly Field Hockey 1975-1978
Jim McElmury, Jr. Ice Hockey 1968-1971
Warren Mertens Baseball 1973-1977
Don Otness Basketball, Track and Field 1953-1957
Don Papreck Gymnastics 1968-1970
Dick Robbins Basketball 1955-1957
Roger Twigg Track and Field 1967-1971
Susan Alstrom Field hockey, Basketball, Track and Field 1972-1976
Dr. Bruce Falk Ice Hockey 1967-1971
Marie Hasty Volleyball, Track and Field, Field Hockey 1969-1973
Clay Hedrick Swimming 1973-1977
Martha Hull Field Hockey, Basketball, Tennis 1969-1973
Jim Thompson Ice Hockey 1962-1966
Jim Walrath Track and Field, Cross Country 1967-1971
Al Westerlund Baseball, Football, Basketball, Boxing 1945-1949
Herb Whiting Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey 1931-1935
Mary Bowen-Chum Field Hockey, Basketball, Tennis 1971-1975
Robert Dettmer Wrestling 1969-1973
Robert Glaesman Football, Ice Hockey 1961-1965
Paul Gravel Baseball 1956-1960
Joan Hance Field Hockey, Volleyball, Track and Field, Gymnastics 1967-1971
Robert Huber Track and Field, Swimming, Gymnastics 1963-1967
Robert Whelan Football, Wrestling 1971-1975
Kenneth Baumann Football 1965-1969
Jude Boulianne, Sr. Ice Hockey 1967-1971
Charlie Brown Ice Hockey 1969-1970
Lorne Burns Ice Hockey, Baseball 1965-1969
Jerome Daniels Baseball 1957-1961
Barry Dillon Ice Hockey 1966-1970
Lynn Dorn Basketball, Field Hockey, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball 1968-1972
Richard Glas Basketball 1966-1970
Bryan Grand Ice Hockey 1966-1970
Mike Niemczyk Wrestling 1967-1971
Dr. John Redebaugh Football, Track and Field 1966-1970
Rodney Anfenson Football, Basketball 1950-1954
Mark Carlin Basketball, Golf, Football 1963-1967
Ronald Di Giacomo Football 1963-1966
Robert D. Johnson Basketball 1948-1952
Carl Knutson Football, Basketball 1943-1947
John Phillips Basketball 1960-63, 1966-67
Ken "Babe" Sherman Football, Basketball 1947-1950
Russell Smith Basketball, Football, Track and Field 1942-43, 1945-48
Henry Stish Jr. Football, Basketball, Track and Field, Golf 1944-1948
Everil Vermilyea Basketball, Track and Field 1934-1938
Carol Alstrom Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Track and Field 1966-1969
Noel Bailey Wrestling 1959-1963
Percy Brown Football, Baseball 1941, 1945-47
Sylvester Champa Football, Wrestling, Baseball 1951-1959
John Davies Baseball, Football 1950
James Lepper Basketball, Track and Field 1950-1954
Keith Mooney Basketball, Baseball, Football 1948-1952
Robert Mower Football, Basketball 1935-1939
Gail (Hecimovich) Nucech Softball, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field 1965-1969
Sherman Oftedahl Football, Basketball, Baseball 1950-1954
Tom Rowlette Football, Baseball 1950, 1952-54
Donald Sorensen Baseball 1963-1964
Eugene Stish Football, Basketball, Track and Field 1943-1947
Bennett Trochlil Baseball, Basketball, Football 1951-1955
Don Varpness Football 1957-1960
Katherine Allen Swim Team 1966-69
Jack Brandt Football, Ice Hockey 1960-1964
Harold Drescher Football 1955-56
Dennis Fallon Baseball, Basketball 1960-62
Richard LaPage Football 1953-54
John McClellan Football 1964-1965
Ron McKechney Ice Hockey, Baseball 1959-1961
Bruce Melin Track, Football, Basketball 1961-1964
Elsie Annis
Charles Broekemeier Track, Football, Baseball, Basketball 1951-1954
Gerry Gingles Wrestling 1958-1962
Dick Green Track, Wrestling 1955-1956
Jack Luoma Football, Basketball 1945-1948
Ed Morical Football, Basketball 1948-1951
Don Palm Football, Wrestling 1958-1960
Peter Schloss Football, Track 1946-1947
Don Thompson Football, Track, Ice Hockey 1961-1964
Dick Werner Ice Hockey, Football, Track, Baseball 1962-1965
Dale Hartje Football 1957-1961
David Odegaard Football, Basketball 1962-1965
Dennis Price Football 1957-1960
Gerald Riewer Basketball, Baseball 1957-1960
Joe Suman Jr. Track, Basketball 1960-1961
Al Johnson-Toriseva Track, Wrestling, Football 1955, 1958-1960
John Vinje Football, Basketball, Track 1946-1949
Arleen Boyd Basketball, Volleyball, Softball
Pat Mauch Golf, Volleyball
Lowell Nomeland Football, Baseball 1960-1963
Josephus Young Basketball, Football 1936-1940
Gerald Green Football, Track 1956-1959
Harlan Attleson Football, Basketball 1936-1940
Jim Henkes Football, Baseball, Basketball 1950-1954
Ken Henrikson Football, Baseball 1953, 1957-1958
Hazel Leland Golf
Leroy Maas Football 1937-1939
Dr. Dwaine Marten Football, Wrestling 1954-1957
Rose Wagner Skyberg Basketball
William Wirtanen Basketball, Track 1955-1956
Guy Vena
Guy D. Vena Football/Baseball 1957-1960
Leota Abbott
Paula Bruss Bauck Track
Roland Bromberg Football, Basketball 1954-1955
Jack Buckley Football, Basketball 1949-1952
Les Drechsel Football 1951-1954
Beaulah Gregoire
Hubert Hovland Football, Basketball 1949-1953
Bill Howe Football, Ice Hockey 1948-1951
Dick Lawrence Basketball 1951-1952
Irv St. John Basketball, Track, Baseball 1951-1954
Willis Spaulding Basketball, Football, Track, Boxing 1940-1943, 1946
Norman Wagner Basketball, Football 1945, 1948-1950
Jack Willhite Football, Track 1953-1954
Robert Bush Football, Track, Basketball 1938-1942
Jerry Eckstein Football, Basketball 1935-1939
Norman Galloway Football, Basketball 1939-1942
Leo Hoosline Football, Basketball 1939-1943, 1946-1947
Arnold Johnson Football, Basketball, Track 1938-1942
Dr. Irvin Keeler Football, Track, Basketball 1923-1924, 1927-1929
Walter Kruger Football, Basketball, Track 1932-1936
Jack McCormick Football, Basketball 1938-1942
Harold McCrady Football, Basketball 1928-1930
Norman Nelson Football, Basketball, Track 1934-1938
Richard Otterstad Football, Basketball 1940-1942, 1946-1947
Kenneth Wilson Football, Basketball 1927-1929
Dr. James Witham Basketball, Track 1930-1931, 1936-1938
Eldon Mason 1928-1932
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