Athletics Hall of Fame
Dick Robbins

Dick Robbins

SPORT(S) Basketball
PLAYED AT BSU 1955-1957
A 1958 Graduate of BSU, Dick Robbins was a member of the BSU Men's Basketball Team from 1955 to 1957. Dick was All-Conference in the 1955-56 season, and All-Conference and League MVP during the 1956-57 season. He was also the leading league scorer with 19 points per game during that season. He was a member of the League Championship team in 1956-57. Dick worked as a High School Teacher for 30 years, primarily in California, retiring as Assistant Principal for Instruction from Foothill High School, located in Tustin in 1988. As a Math Instructor, Dick had a significant number of students qualify as National Merit Scholarship Finalists, with a high of 21 in 1985. His 1984-85 class had eight students score perfect 800's on their math SAT Test. In addition to coaching high school sports for several years, Dick was the manager of the Tustin Eastern Little League from 1966 to 1976.