Welcome to the Bemidji State University Cheer Team informational site! We perform on the ice at the Sanford Center, as well as in the stands during all home games and expanded to include a BSU Football Cheer and BSU Basketball Cheer Teams in the fall of 2014. We cheer because we love the sport, love skating, and have pride in our school and its traditions.

If you are interested in trying out for any cheer teams or would like any additional information, please email [email protected] with any questions.


The exact date is unknown, but cheerleaders started appearing on the field in the 1940’s and were joined in the 1960’s by some of the men from Bemidji State’s Gymnastics Team.

As a cheer team member, you are a very visible representative of not only the football team, but the school, and the state of Minnesota.  As such, you are an ambassador for Bemidji State, and you will be expected to conduct yourself accordingly on and off the field.  You will be expected to be at scheduled practices, all home games, special appearances and community events, and on-campus events as well.  Just like the student athletes in the other sports programs, the cheer team members must maintain high academic standards and carry a full credit load in order to participate.  Because of these high standards, we are looking for hard-working, dedicated, and committed individuals who are willing to work hard in an effort to engage the fans at every football game.



Hockey cheer started at Bemidji State in 1967 with the completion of the BSU Fieldhouse (later renamed the John S. Glas Fieldhouse). The program ran through the 1996-97 hockey season.  The team was reinstated last year with great success, and we are looking forward to next year!
We are looking for hard-working, dedicated, and committed young women who are willing to work hard in an effort to support our hockey team and engage the fans. Team tryouts are in the spring (April or May).  Team size ranges from 6-16 members.  Our team members come from diverse backgrounds in everything from figure skating and dance to gymnastics and hockey.



We will strive to provide spirit, enthusiasm, and entertainment on the ice and in the stands.  We will be ambassadors of our school, our town, and the state of Minnesota. We aspire to grow as individuals and as a team through community involvement, scholastic achievement and the innovation of our sport.  We will represent ourselves as role models and leaders in our community.  We will create new traditions, while hanging on to the old ones.  We will restore the legacy that is Bemidji State Hockey Cheerleading. GO BEAVERS!



If you are interested in trying out for the BSU hockey, basketball or football cheer teams or would like any additional information, please submit the following information along with any questions to: [email protected]



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