The School Colors

In Feb., 1920, an assembly hour was set aside for the selection of school colors. After the balloting on colors had resulted in a deadlock, Cyrillus Freeman, a student from Minneapolis, rose and commanded attention.

“As we sat here discussing this question,” she said, “I happened to glance out the window. The sight that met my eyes was fresh, green pines silhouetted against pure white snow. What could be more appropriate than green and white?”

This idea was accepted unanimously.


The Naming of the Beavers

As President Deputy reviewed football practice one evening in May, 1932, he called the team into a huddle and raising his hands above their heads declared, “I christen this team the Beavers.”

The name “Beavers” is symbolic of the silent, hard-working teams representing Bemidji State University.

The BSU Logo

During the fall semester of 1998, campus-wide discussions were held on the need for new marks to represent the University as well as BSU athletics. The University marks at the time had been in place since 1974, with minor revisions in 1987, while no official athletic mascot, logo or image had been adopted for University use.

A committee was formed and for the next academic year an audit and review were conducted on the school logo and athletics imagery to determine what images were being used to represent the institution.

During the spring and summer of 1999, requests for proposals (RFP) were sought from outside firms to assist the university in this historic undertaking.

The BSU coaching staffs took great interest in the efforts to produce the new Beaver logo. They desired an image that would represent pride and confidence while being gender-neutral and not appearing cartoonish in nature.

The public relations firm of Russell & Herder of Brainerd was awarded the RFP for the logo project during the summer of 2000. For the remainder of 2000 and through early 2001, Russell & Herder helped oversee focus groups and surveys regarding the logo change.

In Dec. 2000, preliminary logo designs were presented to the committee, and revisions were made until the time the new marks were formally adopted and officially unveiled March 28, 2001, at a ceremony on campus.


Fight Song

“Go Bemidji Beavers
Go you green and white
Go Bemidji Beavers
Fight with all your might!
Rah! Rah! Rah!
We are here to cheer you
We are out to bring you fame
So go Bemidji Beavers
Fight and win this game!”


The first homecoming at Bemidji Teachers College was held Oct. 6, 1927. Until 1931 Homecoming was a biennial affair. In that year the demands of the alumni, eager for this season of reunion, changed it to an annual celebration with all the traditional dinners, teas, parades, dances, bonfires and football games.

Since 1995, BSU has been celebrating victories in its annual Homecoming football game with a post-game celebration in the waters of Lake Bemidji which borders Chet Anderson Stadium on the east.