Around the Horn with BSU Baseball: Ryan Brezinski
Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Around the Horn with BSU Baseball: Ryan Brezinski

Senior right-hander Ryan Brezinski is in his third season on the bump for the Bemidji State baseball team. The Regina, Saskatchewan native came to the states to play collegiate baseball and has found success on the mound for the Beavers. caught up with Brezinski to talk about his move from America’s neighbor to the North and his future in dentistry. What made you decide to leave Canada to come to the states to play baseball?

Ryan Brezinski: The weather initially, obviously it’s not much different here right now than back home.  The weather and I just wanted to get out and experience new things. You hear a lot of things about Colorado, so I just wanted to check that out and just check out the states. Is it a bit of a brotherhood when you meet up with people that you know on the other teams that are from Canada, is it like your own little club?

RB: Yeah, there are a lot of guys that I play with in the summer that we play against in this conference and it’s a rivalry thing, but it’s also fun. Especially when you win those games, you can kind of rub it in their face afterword. That’s definitely something to look forward to. You were away from the team for Dental school interviews last week, what’s your major and what are your future plans?

RB: I’m a chemistry major with a bio minor. I got interested in dentistry and medical sciences after awhile. Obviously I didn’t want to leave the team, but it was something I had to do for my future. I just hope to get into dental school right away and keep it moving. Obviously your from Canada, you know hockey is big there, losing teeth is big there, is that something that drove you into dentistry?

RB: Yeah, I know it’s a pretty important field up there with all the hockey players, so anything to help a fellow hockey player, help a fellow Canadian.  I joked around with some of the hockey guys here to that I would give them a deal if they wanted come up there to. Any sayings that either you say that people make fun of you for or that you heard here that you just don’t get?

RB: Yeah, at this point I’ve heard just about every Canadian joke there is and I don’t even realize the things that I say half the time and I get called out on it. I’m sure even after this I will get a few feedback comments from the guys. It’s really not all that different, I guess, other then how I talk. People think everybody’s a hockey player up there, so I guess I’m going against that with the baseball thing. Other than that there’s not a whole lot different I would say. Who is your favorite Canadian athlete and favorite Canadian actor/actress?

RB: I’m not going to go with Wayne Gretzky, that’s kind of obvious, but right now it has to be Joey Votto, he’s a big Canadian baseball player right now. Other than that, I don’t know. Justin Bieber is Canadian, you a fan of him?

RB: Yeah, I’m not really interested in his art.

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