Get to Know: Junior Guard Jason Edwards
Monday, November 28, 2011
Get to Know: Junior Guard Jason Edwards
Jason Edwards is a 5-foot-9-inch guard from Phoenix, Ariz. that joined the Bemidji State men’s basketball team this season as a junior college transfer from Phoenix College. Jason moved here in August and got his first taste of Division II basketball last weekend in Colorado. We caught up with him to see how his transition to Minnesota and DII basketball has been.

Why did you decide to come to Bemidji State?

I have previous experience playing with James Ellisor and Dermaine Crockrell. They helped influence me to come here. It’s a change of pace for me. I wanted to change things up instead of staying in Arizona all my life.

How was your junior college experience?

Academically I did well, 4. 0 both years. I didn’t see much of a transition from high school because I went to Chandler High School, a very prestigious academic school, so I was well prepared for a junior college atmosphere. On the basketball court it came naturally because I played with a lot of the guys in high school. I also played club ball with them, so it was like playing in my own backyard.

What are your expectations for yourself and the team this season?

For myself I want to do my best to contribute to the team whether that’s playing 10 minutes, five minutes, no minutes, 20 minutes however many it may be. With me being a transfer, obviously I have a role to play. I’m not looking to be a star or a even a starter. For the team I hope we can go to the NCAA tournament this year. We have a talented group of guys and I think they deserve the best.

How is your transition to Minnesota going so far?

So far I’m freezing. I don’t know how to cope with it yet. I can’t imagine it being colder than what it is right now. But I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of snow on the ground. That will be a new and a good experience.

Has anybody on the team taken the extra step to guide you here?

James Ellisor has helped me get around and get out to meet people. Bryce (Tesdahl) has helped me on the basketball floor, getting comfortable with the game and learning the plays. Everybody has been great in helping me transition to the new level here.

What is your favorite part of Bemidji or the campus?

I like admiring the lake. And the squirrels. Every morning I wake up and look out my windows for five minutes and watch the squirrels run around. It’s fun.  

What is your favorite part of being a point guard?

Controlling the game, getting other players open and getting them shots. There is nothing like seeing a guy score, that’s beauty for me to see them score and being on the other end getting the assist.

Is there any significance behind the #10?

[Laughed] Actually, yeah. My very first girlfriend was in the third grade, I don’t know why I still remember this, but we went out May 10. That was the only number available that had some connection with me.

How is school going so far?

School is a little harder for me because I am in the dorm room now and have more free time to relax, as opposed to when I was at home and my mom was on me. Now I have the responsibility on me. So far it’s been good and I’m keeping up with all my work.

What is your major and do you have any career plans?

My major is business administration. Hopefully in the future I want to own my own business, something to give back to my community, probably a nonprofit. Maybe get an internship with a Fortune 500 company, but ultimately I want to give back to the community with something like a Boy’s and Girl’s Club, something unique, something new.

Do you have any nicknames here? What are they and how did they originate?

I have several nicknames. One of the players gave me the nickname Black Crow because of my reputation for being smart, having a good academic reputation. Another one is Ghost because I just randomly show up places here and there, I disappear and then I’m there. Then also Magic, which is from Mel down in the equipment room, he gave it to me, I can’t really say why because I really don’t know why. It’s just Magic.