Catching Up With BSU Volleyball
Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Catching Up With BSU Volleyball

This is the first in a series of interviews with the BSU volleyball team. Today we talked to junior Bethany Thompson (OH, Owatonna, Minn.) who is one of four upperclassmen returning to BSU for this season. We talked to Bethany about the upcoming season as well as how she is keeping busy this summer. Bethany and her teammates are currently assisting with a middle school all-skills camp that Coach Wayne Chadwick has been hosting the last two days at BSU Gymnasium. 

What have you been up to so far this summer?

My summer has been really good. I have been up here the majority of the time. I took a few weekends off to visit some family. I am working at Erbert and Gerbert’s making some subs. I am really enjoying that. It is nice to be up here for the summer.

Is this your first summer working at Erbert and Gerbert's?

Yes. I basically turned in my application and got a call back the same week.

Is this the first summer you have stayed in Bemidji?

Yeah it is. Last summer we didn’t have our house. So I figured that if I am going to be paying rent I might as well stay up here for the summer.

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy outside of work?

I have been spending time with people from my block as well as making a few trips home to see family. I have also been playing volleyball and have been working in the gym to get ready for the season.

What have you been doing from a volleyball standpoint to get ready for your junior season?

We only have four or five of us from the team up here now. It has been inconsistent with everyone being able to get together at the same time because of different schedules. We have spent a lot of time in the weight room. Our weight training coach Joe Ferraro set up a four-day regime in the weight room for us to do over the summer. Otherwise we have been getting out to the soccer field for some sprinting and also biking around the lake. We have found ways to incorporate some fun activities to stay in shape.

What are you looking forward to most about next season?

I am definitely looking forward to just starting fresh. We have seven or eight newcomers coming in so us returnees are outnumbered. We do have a few junior college transfers coming in, so that will be nice coming from a majority standpoint. In addition, we have a good class of recruits that signed. I think it will be a really fun season. It should be a lot of rebuilding but it will be interesting.

How excited are you to work with your former teammate Nicole Solum who has assumed the role of graduate assistant coach with the team?

It is going to be a different dynamic with her sitting on the bench taking notes but she was a very mature player and is a very mature women so we all already respect her. It is going to be different but I am excited to see how she does. She knows our program and she knows how Coach Chadwick does things. It is going to be really good. I think they are going to work together really well as a coaching staff.

What has it been like having Coach Chadwick as your coach?

 I have really enjoyed it. If you see him in the gym with the camp he is running right now, he knows so much about volleyball. With these middle school players that are here for the camp they have improved so much in just six or seven hours. I’m really excited to work with him again since he already has a year under his belt at Bemidji State. It is going to be a fun season no matter if we win or lose.

-For the full interview watch the attached video of our conversation with Bethany Thompson. Check back later this week for more interviews concerning the BSU volleyball team.