Get to Know: Sophomore Center Kate Warmack
Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Get to Know: Sophomore Center Kate Warmack

Sophomore Kate Warmack has emerged as a top player for the Bemidji State women’s basketball team this season after averaging just 3.0 points and 3.2 rebounds in 12.8 minutes per game last season. Her 12.8 points and 6.6 rebounds in 24.3 minutes per game ranks among the top in the NSIC and is a major factor in the team’s success this season. So we went beyond the numbers and took some time to get to know Kate Warmack.

How was your high school experience and going to the state tournament your junior year?    

High school ball was really fun. Being 6-2 in high school basketball definitely gave me the advantage over most teams. I really wanted to play college ball so I still worked hard. Going to state was the best thing that had ever happened for my team and going to state definitely helped me because I was able to see college coaches and play with that next level of competition.

Why did you choose BSU?

I like Bemidji because the campus is beautiful. Both my parents went here and loved it, so I thought I would fit for me too. With the program I wanted to be the player that could help take it to the next level and hopefully over the next couple years I can do that.

How was your transition to Division II basketball last year and what did you do over the summer to get better?

It was rough. Everyone is taller, stronger and faster. It was a learning experience. This summer I knew I had to get a lot stronger if I wanted to compete. I spent a lot of time in the weight room, which was my primary goal. Also I worked on developing an outside shot to take my game to the next level. I spent a lot of time in the gym working on my shot and getting faster and quicker with my footwork.

Knowing junior Jessie Althoff could be out for the season, did you feel any added pressure?

There was a little bit of pressure. Jessie is such an amazing player, I knew someone would have to step up and that role fell in my hands. Over the summer I had no idea if she would play, so I just kept working hard.

How do you feel you are developing as a DII player?

You can only hope to get better every year. I have definitely improved from last year and I hope to continue to improve not only in scoring and rebounding, but as a person.

You are a high percentage shooter and have good range, how have you developed your shot?

Ever since I was in junior high I was working on my touch. I spent a lot hours shooting, working back to the free throw line and getting the follow through and the snap down. Up until college I didn’t shot much range because they needed me in the post, so last year is when I was encouraged to shoot outside the paint.

How would you describe your personality on and off the court?

Away from basketball I’m pretty mellow, super organized and like to have everything in order. On the court it’s not like that. We run the plays and there is no set order. On the court I like to leave it all out there and when someone makes a good play I like to show my emotion and get excited.

Did you have an idol growing up and has it changed as you got older?

I never had an athletic role model, it’s just always been my parents and continues to be my parents. They have always supported me; good or bad games, days, grades, they have always been my role models.

You just got accepted to the nursing program, why did you choose that field?

I find the human body really interesting. I like helping people out, I’m easy to talk to and I’m a good listener, so I think all those came into consideration when choosing my major. It’s going pretty well so far and I like all the classes, so I’m excited to keep working at it.

Colleen McKay was a senior post player for BSU last season, how did she help you on and off the court?

Colleen was a huge factor in my transition to college and basketball. I always tried to follow in her footsteps, both on and off the court. She was a great leader, teammate and friend. Any questions I ever had questions about basketball, nursing or practice she was always there. She definitely helped me out that first year. I hope the freshmen come to me and I’ll be able to help them out like Colleen helped me.  

Most of the team is on Twitter and have Facebook, do you think social media has impacted team camaraderie?

I think it has. We all Tweet back and forth to each together when we are off the court, so we all have that bond and it carries over to on the court. It’s nice to see what everyone is doing and it’s a fun way to communicate. We all get along very well.