Get to Know: Taylor Davis
Monday, February 13, 2012
Get to Know: Taylor Davis
The four-year career of Bemidji State women’s basketball senior forward Taylor Davis is coming to a close, so we caught up with the education major from Crookston, Minn. to talk about her BSU experience both on and off the court, and her plans after she graduates in May.

What brought you to BSU?

I knew I wanted to play Division II basketball, so I was looking for schools around the area. I really liked the town of Bemidji and they have a really good education program. This was the best fit.  

What was the transition like for you to go from the post in HS to being a more face-up shooter?

It actually didn’t happen until about two years into my college career, but it’s been a good change because now I know that I’m more versatile. I can play down low still, but I have become more of a shooter. It’s been kind of cool to get better at outside shooting.  

What kind of work did you have to put in the first couple of years to develop your shot?

I would just shoot. Driveway, gym, wherever. As the years went on, I would move further and further out and by about junior year I was told I need to start shooting 3’s. I would just go shoot 3’s over and over.  

You scored 31 points at St. Cloud State your sophomore year, do you remember that game in particular?

Yeah, I was just on that game. I was in the groove, I felt like I couldn’t miss at certain points. In that game I still wasn’t really shooting outside shots, it was mostly inside moves.

It’s a young roster this season, being a senior, what have you done to help guide some of the younger players on and off the court?

I do feel like I’ve stepped up this year. I’ve never been a real vocal person, but this year I felt like I needed to step up because I’m a senior and I’m a captain. I’ve given them advice, helped on and off the court and if they are struggling with class I tell them it’s okay and it will get better. I do feel like I’ve come out of my comfort zone a little bit this year, but its been really good for me too.

Home or away, your family is often in the stands. Talk a little bit about your family support.

Over my four years, my parents have only missed about six games. They come to every game, they live and breath it and they have always been supportive. They have been telling me since I was little, “If you work hard enough, you can play at the college level.”  They’re really proud and supportive and I couldn’t have asked for a better family.  

You’ve had success in the classroom, how’s the balance between being a student-athlete been for you through your four years?

It’s been really good actually. There is always that first year where it’s a little rocky, but it’s been working really well. I love the program and classes here and I’m really excited to go out and become a teacher, so it’s actually been a pretty good balance.

What drove you to be an education major?

I’ve known that I wanted to be a teacher since I was in about second grade. Everybody said Bemidji State had a great elementary program and I figured I would check it out.  

What has the Bemidji State experience meant to you?

It’s been awesome, I couldn’t have asked for a better college experience. I’ve always kind of been a small town person, so I really like the feel here. I liked it from day one, I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else and obviously basketball fit in perfectly and this just worked out the best.  

If you could say one statement to incoming freshmen student-athletes, what would your piece of advice be?

Focus and determination. You do need to have a balance and stay focused, but above all when it gets stressful you need to just have fun and realize you’re a college athlete and not very many people get to do that.